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Alex Serra's Story

Alex Serra is a Soul/Dub musician from the Mediterranean city of Barcelona. His debut album ‘In the Real World’ (2019) springs from an inspiring four-year self-discovery journey through Latin America and South Africa, where he connects with musicians from different musical roots that permeate his music with a unique and regenerating energy.

Amazonian sounds, African tribal rhythms, shamans and sacred plants transform his perception and forge an interior sound filled with downtempo frequencies that enchant from the first listen.

His songs describe an awakening to a New World, which Alex believes to be more ‘Real’, where one goes deep inside, to a place where time stops and we can recognize something mysterious and sacred that connects all human beings. His soft & powerful voice leads us into this state of introspection and trance.


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Totidub (The Dubmaster)

Toti Arimany (Totidub), master producer of Dub and music programming, basic to understand the sound of La Fournier, the house that hosted the records of Dusminguet first and La Troba Kung-Fú later.

Alex and Toti meet thanks to a friend they have in common, and they immediately connect. They begin a one-year sound confinement in a farmhouse reconverted into a musical laboratory. Together they recreate nature atmospheres with samples that Alex captured on his trip, interweaving with electronic beats of Afro-Latin rhythms, Soul and African guitars, and an exquisite use of Dub textures and effects.

The freshness of the album ‘In the Real World’ gets the attention of the indie Mundo Zurdo record label, also responsible for the current record adventures of Iseo & Dodosound, Green Valley, and Macaco, and is published under the label’s umbrella on June 21, 2019.


The ‘In the Real World’ Concert with Alex Serra & Totidub, breathes an intimacy of a ritual or ceremony. The nature sounds and ambiance transport the listener into a ‘Relax’ space where the Imagination can fly. The Concert takes the form of a journey from beginning to end and invites you to transcend the limits of space/time. All the senses are carefully caressed. The music intermingles with the cosmic visuals by the artist NA LUA (Aina Oset), a hipnotic combination of Light and Sound. And this Art dream reaches its climax with KAMPAI Dance Collective, who elevate Alex & Toti’s Universe with a blend of Urban and Contemporary dance moves. A Transcendental show.


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Alex Serra