Ecstatic Dance @ ATIPICO

octubre 25, 2018
7:00 pm
Via Trajana, 48, 08020 Barcelona
Ecstatic Dance @ ATIPICO


¡Veniu, Ven, Venite for a freedom dance journey with DJ Kimba Jade on the decks & Papa C on the floor! Get ready to let go at this one-off Atipico autumn special surprise with guest vocals by Alex Serra, didgeridoo by AnnittaMoon and gongs by Rino Gi 🤩

“When we dance together we celebrate Gratitude and Connection”

Ecstatic Dance is all about enjoying the movement, great exercise, freeing your mind, savouring your body, and connecting with yourself and/or other dancers.

If you want to MOVE & DANCE, this is the place for you. The fearlessness with which you can be yourself gives you permission and courage to dance your pain, excitement, fears and dreams, anger and joy.

Come, roll, skip, prance, sashay, promenade, sweat and stretch – all just the way you like it – and join us for dinner afterwards with another one of Isa’s legendary soups!

19:00 Doors open
19:15 Opening Circle & Gong Bath
20:00 Ecstatic Dance
22:00 Closing Circle & Dinner Time Social

/// We start on TIME ///

12 € on the door / 15 € with dinner

What to Bring:
1. Loose-fitting clothes that let you move your body and free yourself

2. A friend! Nothing better than letting loose in good company.

Love to all and be seeing you soon ❤️💃

Meanwhile some music >>>

Listen to Kimba’s mixes: